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Nayanjyot Lahiri
Address:University of Delhi
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University of Delhi


   M.Phil. / M.Tech.

University of Delhi



University of Delhi



University of Delhi




July 14, 2001 - till date: Professor in Department ofHistory, University of Delhi

1993 – 2001: Reader in Department of History, Universityof Delhi

1982- 1993: Lecturer in History, Department of History,Hindu College, University of Delhi



Dean of Colleges, University of Delhi, August 2007till  December  2010

Dean of International Relations, University of Delhi,December 2006 till October 2007

Professor-in-Charge, South Campus Unit, Department ofHistory, University of Delhi for several years from 1997 till 2005

Teacher-in-Charge, Archaeology and Museum Unit,Department of History, University of Delhi



Indian Archaeology, Archeological Theory, HeritageStudies, Ancient India



Ancient India : Protohistory, Historical Archeology



Supervision of awarded Doctoral Thesis

Dili Raj Sharma. 2006. Stone Art in Western Nepal.

Radha Madhav Bharadvaj. 2006. Vratas and Utsavas in Northand Central India.

Devika Rangachari. 2004. Constructing Society and Polityin Early Medieval North India: 7th century– 12th century AD: AGender Perspective.

Supervision of awarded M.Phil Dissertations 

Gurpreet Kaur. 2008. Ranchi: An Archeological Perspective(circa First Millennium AD).

Sanjukta Datta. 2007. The Archaeology of Early HistoricBengal (4th century ADto 7th century AD).

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Vaisali Sethi. 1999. Taxila: a situational analysis.

Siddeshwar Shukla. 1998. Religious Geography of Gopalganjand Siwan Districts – an ethno-archaeological profile.

Deeksha Bhardwaj. Investigating the Archaeology of FemaleFigurines in North-West India (upto c. 200 BC).

Vivekanand. 1997. Harappan Artisanal Production.

Devika Rangachari. 1997. Gender and the HistoricalChronicle: A study of Kalphan’s Rajatarangini.




Lahiri, Nayanjot and Upinder Singh, ed. 2009. Ancient India: New Research. Delhi: Oxford University Press.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2005. Finding Forgotten Cities: How the Indus Civilization Was Discovered. Delhi: Permanent Black.

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Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2007. Foro Virtual: Arqueologia Y Descolonizacion. Arqueologia Suramericana/ Arqueologia Sul-Americana. 13(1): 3-19.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2006. Archaeological Theory: A perspective from outside the western academy. Puratattva. 36: 1-11.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2003. Commemorating and Remembering 1857: The revolt in Delhi and its afterlife. World Archaeology. 35(1): 35- 60.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2002. Commissioned Comment on Robert Hayden’s article, Antagonistic Tolerance: Competitive Sharing of Religious Sites in South Asia and the Balkans. Current Anthropology. 43(2): 223-224.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2000. Archaeology and identity in colonial India. Antiquity. 74(285): 687-692.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2000. Coming to grips with India’s past and her ‘living present’: John Marshall’s early years (1902-1906). South Asian Studies. 16: 89-107.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 1998. Coming to Grips with the Indian Past: John Marshall’s early years as Lord Curzon’s Director-General of Archaeology in India – Part I. South Asian Studies. 14: 1-23.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 1998. South Asian Demographic Archaeology and Harappan population estimates: A brief reassessment. The Indian Economic and Social History Review. 35(1): 1-22.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 1997. John Marshall’s appointment as director general of the archaeological survey of India: A survey of the papers pertaining to his selection. South Asian Studies. 13: 127-140.

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Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2010. Sanchi and Sultan Jahan Begum. In Gender and Museums, Museum of Man, ed. Kishore Basa. Bhopal (Accepted for Publication).

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Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2001. Destruction or conservation? Some aspects of monument policy in British India (1899-1905). In Destruction and Conservation of Cultural Property, ed. Robert Layton, Peter G. Stone and Julian Thomas, 264-275, London: Routledge.

Lahiri, Nayanjot and U Singh. 1999. In the Shadow of New Delhi: Understanding the landscape through Village eyes. In The Archaeology and Anthropology of Landscape, ed. Peter J Ucko and Robert Layton, 175-188, London and New York: Routledge.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 1999. Bodh-Gaya: An ancient Buddhist shrine and its modern history (1891-1904). In Case Studies in Archaeology and Religion, ed. Timothy Insoll, 33-44, Oxford: Archaeo press.


Lahiri, Nayanjot. 2003. The discovery of the indus civilization: Early intuitions and unknown reports, 1826-1920. In Negotiating India’s past essays in memory of Partha Sarthi Gupta, ed. B Pati, B P Sahu and T K Venkatasubramanian, 3-28, New Delhi: Tulika.

Lahiri, Nayanjot. 1998. The end of the Harappan Civilization and the Aryan Question: First Formulation. In reconstructing history essays in honour of Prof. V.C. Srivastava, ed. V D Misra, 195-204, Varanasi.



2007: Delhi: Photographic Exhibition on ‘On HallowedGround – Aftermath of the Uprising, 1857’ organized by the Alkazi Foundationfor the Arts and India International Centre. Title of Lecture: ‘Memorializationof the Uprising in Delhi and Kanpur’.


2009: Singapore: ISEAS Conference on ‘Buddhism AcrossAsia: Networks of Material, Intellectual and Cultural Exchange’. Title ofKeynote address: ‘Before Buddhism Beyond Buddhism: Some Aspects of theArchaeology of Buddhism’.



1992-93: Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellow, Faculty ofOriental Studies, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (U.K.)

1996 (February – May): Visiting Fellow at Cambridge(U.K.), supported by the Ancient India and Iran Trust and the Charles WallaceTrust

2004 (September – October): Hughes Endowment VisitingFellow at the Centre For South Asian Studies, University of Michigan (AnnArbor)

2006 (April – September): Daniel Ingalls Fellow at theHarvard-Yenching Institute, University of Harvard (Cambridge, U.S.A.)

2006 (June): Elected Honorary Member of SocietaIndologica “Luigi Pio Tessitori”  (Udine, Italy).

2007 (March): Sectional President of 39th Session of thePunjab History Conference (Patiala, Punjab).




Reviewer, Indian Economic and Social History Review

Reviewer, The Times Higher Education Supplement

Reviewer, Man and Environment

Reviewer, Medieval History Journal

Reviewer, Hindu and India Today


Member, Advisory Board of WorldArchaeology (England).

Member, Editorial Board of AmericanAnthropologist (U.S.A.).

Member, Delhi Urban Art Commission (New Delhi)

Member, Archival Advisory Board (National Archives ofIndia, New Delhi)

Life Member, Indian Archaeological Society (Delhi)

Life Member, Indian Society for Prehistoric andQuaternary Studies (Pune)

Member, Executive Committee, National Council ofEducational Research & Training





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