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                                                                 About us


          Theatre-in-Education – Society is a registered society under the society registration act XXI of 1860 No. 56437 of 06.

          The essential idea behind TIE is to work for and with children to provide an environment to the children themselves, to their teachers and to their parents to use theatre for purposes of education.

          It does so by creating a space, both mental and physical, where all these stakeholders in the education of our future can open up and understand each other. This has the potential to work wonderfully to address many complicated questions concerning this issue in collaboration with others.

          It also serves as a forum for sharing the natural curiosity that springs from deep inside. Asking questions, seeking answers, having fun, all of this leads to increasing curiosity, increasing concentrations, developing the co-operative spirit and of living together, learning to accept responsibility, and to take on challenges, to fight hard, to lead a team, to learn to speak and be heard, and see their faith getting a boost.

          This is the most creative way of education, where no one comes to know when amongst teachers and students, who teaches and who learns and what. Personalities keep developing in the right direction even as on the surface it all seems a matter of play.

          Children find themselves gaining in strength both from within and out. And many kinds of skills also take birth in them that are very important for their life.

         Concretely, this has involved – so far – doing a whole lot of workshops with teachers, teacher trainees, and children, like with

v    Sambhav, (Jaipur),

v    Anand Niketan School, (Ahmedabad),

v    Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, (Bhopal)

v    Shikshantar, (Udaipur)

v    Aadhar Shila (M.P.)

v    Sendhwa Public School (M.P.)

v    LSVS-Badmer Rajasthan

v    H.V.V.SAMITI- Udaipur- Rajsthan

v    Manav Ashrita- Jaipur – Rajsthan

v    CRY-New Delhi

Youth workshop

v    Sawaraj Foundation

v    Shikshantar-Udaipur


Workshop for Office Staff on different subjects

v    NTPC Ltd.

v    Anand Niketan School

v    Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

v    CRY-Delhi, Bombay

v    Mobile Crèches

v    Swastik



Children workshop

v    Manzil, CRY, Mobile Creches, Anand Niketan, Katha, Nai Disha, B.V.B School’s, Adhar Sheela, Secure Future, Hope, Shri Ram School etc.


Workshop with senior citizens

v    Sanskar org.


Teacher workshop

v    N.I.D.E.M.and SCERT (Delhi)

v    Sendhwa Public School (M.P.)

v    Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (Delhi)

v    Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan (Bhopal-M.P.)

v    Anand Niketan Public School (Ahmedabad)

v    Swastik (Ahmedabad)

v    Nai Disha (Delhi)

v    Bal Bharti School (Allahabad, U.P.)


Workshala-I with Children

v    Starex International Public School


Workshala –II/III with Children & Youth

v    Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan K.G.Marg, New Delhi-1

v    Naval Public school, New Delhi.


Summer Camp with Children

v    NTPC Badarpur

v    NTPC Noida

v    CAMPUS THEATRE (Allahabad, U.P.)

Weekend Workshop with Youth

v    Jonapur village Delhi and developed workshop cum play “Khajana”

v    NIOS Students of Shri Ram School



Day & night camp

v    With the children of the construction site organized by Mobile Crèches developed a play “ Logo Re Shotha-Ped Lagao Re”

v    We did workshop with children at Uttaranchal, Kashmir, Western U.P. and M.P.

v    Anand Niketan School


Our own production

v    Child-Lock” written and directed by Mr. Walter Peter 

v    “Anhati” devised and directed by Mrs. Vibha Chibber

v    “Buddy Land” written by Paul Swift & Directed by Walter Peter


SUN-MANCH drama classes for children and youth.

v    From August 04 till January 05 we conducted our weekend drama at Natya Ballet Center, Gole Market in two batches


College Production

v    We did a workshop cum production with the students of “Satyawati College (eve.)” Delhi University and developed a play “Yeh College Hai Pyare”.


Youth & Children Theatre Festival

v     By the Actor Teacher Team and students of Sun-Manch, Satyawati College (eve.), we did our first youth & children theatre festival at L.T.G. Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi-1


Annual Day Celebration

v    NTPC Limited – India- we did play KISSA KHUL JA SIM-SIM” with 180 children and employees from all over India on 6th November 2006 at Siri Fort Auditorium.


          TIE-SOCIETY is also one of the members of Unfolding Learning Society that have embodied the deeper philosophy behind our Society as outlined earlier. Pertinently, this work has not been confined to Delhi as such things often tend to be, but there is a continuing attempts to be pan-Indian in our contributions.


Contact us: -


House No. B/32,

Sanwal Nagar, Near Sadiq Nagar

New Delhi-110049.

    Phone No. 09871670217 / 09868801279






          Walter peter is the Artistic Director of the Theatre–in-Education Society (TIE-SOCIETY), which is one of the few action research institutions, beyond his alma mater –NSD’s TIE Co.-devoted completely to the exploration of roles played by the philosophies and methodologies of theatre in the formative aspects of the growth of the children and young adults .He has been associated with theatre in the field of education since his


student days, particularly with National School Of Drama’s Sanskar Rang Toli.


          Peter has had the privilege of working with the finest of the theatre people both as an actor and a director .As an actor, he has worked in more than 30 plays like, Laal Laal Hathi, Khul Ja sim-sim, kitabon mein halchal “ Yeh bhi Jungle woh bhi jungle, Ab Dekhen Ge Hum, Neela Ghora, Deewar, Delhi Saltant, Hai Aur Koi Rasta, Oedipus, Sandhya Chhaya, Bruno, etc.


          Peter has also directed more then 50 plays, some of which are Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja, Child-Lock, Buddy-Land, Chaar Paapi ek Insaan, Phullo Phool Kumari, Vande mataram, Mitrta, Tharovakunth hum jayenge, Saathiyon ki Khoj mein, Akhir Kyon, Mera Ek Din, Ek Tha Raja Do Thi Tin-Tin, Ram Gatha, Kisan Mar Raha Hai, Rat and Raja Madari Ka Baja, Kissa Khul Ja Sim-Sim, What! How? Vow...etc.


          Developing original script has also been an area of special interest. Apart from short stories like Kan-Kan Kankar, Diggaj Pahaar, Aapka Mein Aur Mera Hum, some of the plays that’s he has himself written before going on to direct them, are Child-Lock, Phullo Phoolkumari, Priyanka, Balcony, Buddy-Land, Kissa Khul Ja Sim-Sim etc.


          Peter has led many workshops with teachers, parents, teachers trainees, and also with NTPC Ltd., SCERT, NCERT Delhi, among others. He enjoys working with Institutes / NGOs like CRY, Manzil, Shikshantar, Mobil crèches, Sambhav, Hope, Child Care India, Katha, Butterfly, UNICEF, Children film Society of India etc.


          He has also worked with people like late B.V Karanth, Barry John, Tripurari Sharma, Faizal Alkazi, Abdul Latif Khatana, Vibha Chibber, Suwarn Rawat, Wolf Ram Mehireen, and Lorse Alexander etc.


          He worked as an actor/ teacher with National School Of Drama from 1995 to 2002. He was associated with Shri Ram School Theatre –in-Education Team as a consultant from July 2003 to 2004. He was associated with KATHA a N.G.O. from Jan-March 2005.

                   Currently he has a project named “THEATRE FOR DEVELOPMENT” from CRY and he is doing work in four states like Kashmir, Uttranchal, M.P.and Western U.P.


H.No. 200 Sec.2

Type 2 Sadiq Nagar

New Delhi-110049

Phone-09871670217 -E-mail







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