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Farhat Hasan
Address:Department of History, Faculty of Social Science building, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007
New Delhi,-



University of Cambridge, Cambridge


Thesis topic: Power Relations in Mughal Gujarat: Cambay

and Surat, c. 1572- 1740  



Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh



Teaching and Research

Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh



Teaching and Research

University of Delhi, Delhi


-since 2007

Teaching and Research



MedievalIndia, with particular interests in court culture, identities and genderrelations in the period.

Islam inIndia during the Medieval and colonial period, in particular, religious thoughtand practices.



MedievalSocieties (Delhi University)

Historyof India, 1540-1605 (Delhi University)

Historyof the Delhi Sultanate (Delhi University)

TheEighteenth Century: Society, Culture and Economy (Aligarh Muslim University)

IndianNational Movement, 1885-1947 (Aligarh Muslim University)

FeministTheory (Post-graduate Diploma in Women’s Studies, A.M.U., Aligarh)

Women inIndia Since Independence (Post-graduate Diploma in Women’s Studies, A.M.U.,Aligarh)




Hasan, Farhat. 2006. State and Locality in Mughal India, Power Relations in Western India, c. 1572-1730. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (Published in India By Foundation Books).


Hasan, Farhat. 2008. Review Article: Religion, State and Society in Medieval India (Nurul Hasan). The Indian Economic and Social History Review.

Hasan, Farhat. 2007. Review Article: Domesticity and Power in the Early Mughal World (Ruby Lal). History of the Orient, Leiden.

Hasan, Farhat. 1993. Mughal Fiscal System in Surat and the English East India Company. Modern Asian Studies (Cambridge).

Hasan, Farhat. 1992. Indigenous Cooperation and the Birth of a Colonial City: Calcutta, c. 1698-1740. Modern Asian Studies.

Hasan, Farhat. 1991. Conflict and Cooperation in Anglo-Mughal Trade Relations in the Reign of Aurangzeb. Journal of the Economic and Social.


RESEARCH PROGRAMS (Major Grants/ Research Collaboration)

Member,History Textbook Development Committee for Standard VII (National Council ofEducational Research and Training, New Delhi), 2005-6; contributed the chapter,‘The Mughal Empire’ for Class VII Textbook called, Our Pasts – II (New Delhi:NCERT, 2006).

Member,History Textbook Development Committee for Standard XII (NCERT, New Delhi),2005-6; contributed the chapter, ’Through the Eyes of Travelers: Perceptions ofSociety(c. tenth to seventeenth centuries)’ for Class XII Textbook entitled,Themes in Indian History, Part- II (New Delhi: NCERT, 2006)



PoliticalLife and the Anxieties of ‘the Self’ in the Mughal Court Culture’, read at theInternational Conference on, ‘Court Cultures in the Muslim World: Politics andPatronage (7th-19th centuries),organized by Schloss Friedenstein, Gotha (Germany), 2-5 July 2007.

‘Emotionsand Identity in India – A Survey of Historiography’, presented at theInternational Conference on, ‘Identity, Emotion and Culture: Languages andLiterature of the subcontinent, c. 900- c. 1971’, organized by the IndianCouncil of Historical Research, New Delhi, 21-23 December 2006.

‘Towarda State-in-Society Perspective: The Rule Structure in Gujarat during the eighteenthand early nineteenth centuries’, presented at the colloquium on, ‘Experience ofEmpire –Responses from the Provinces’, organized by the European Union as partof the project on, ‘Tributary Empires Compared’, at Athens on 19-21 June 2006.

‘Representationof the Mughal State in the Nationalist Articulation of India’s CompositeCulture’, presented at the Conference on, “Evolution of India’s CompositeCulture”, Santiniketan, 2006.

‘PersianSources on the English East India Company’, presented at the seminar on‘Historiography in Medieval India and Central Asia’, New Delhi, 29-30 March2005. (Organized jointly by the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR),New Delhi).

‘Towardan Inclusive Islam: The Search for Shared Spaces in Liberal Islam inPost-Independence India’; read at the International Conference on ‘Religion,Culture and Society: North India in the Nineteenth and the TwentiethCenturies’, New Delhi, 17-19 December 2004 (Academy of Third World Studies,Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi).

‘Pluralism,Cultural Diversity and Education in Contemporary India’; presented at the panelon ‘Education and Society in India’, Bareilly, 29-30 December 2004, sponsoredby the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

‘Presentationof the Self in the Autobiography of a Medieval Merchant: An Exploration ofNorms and Emotions in Banarsidas’ Autobiography’; presented at the seminar on‘Biography as History: Indian Perspectives’, 27-28 February 2003 (Centre ofHistorical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi).

‘TheForm and Content of Education in the Madrasas inColonial     India’, read at the seminar on ‘MadrasaEducation in India: Islamic Education, Diversity and National Identity Post9/11’, at Neemrana Fort Palace (Neemrana), 30 November- 2 December 2003,organized under the auspices of Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany).

‘Formsof Civility and Publicness in Pre-British India’; presented at the workshop on‘Civil Society, Public Sphere and Citizenship’ at Bikaner, 7--10 November 2002,organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany).

‘TheEmergence of ‘public sphere’ in Northern India in the Eighteenth Century’;presented at the symposium on the ‘Urban Phenomena in Indian History’ atAmritsar, 29- 30 December 2002, organized by the Urban History Association ofIndia (UHAI).

‘Globalizationand Post-modernism: Defending Foucault’s Interrogation of Modernity’, read atthe interdisciplinary seminar on ‘Globalization, Language, Culture and Media’at IIT, Kanpur, January 2001




Nominatedmember of the Editorial Board of Modern Asian Studies,  a journal of the Center forSouth Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, Cambridge.

AppointedVisiting Fellow at the Maison des Sciences de’l Homme, Paris (France),October-November 2006.

Short-listedfor the Award of the Best Book Prize by ICAS-4 (IIAS, Leiden, the Netherlands),2005.

Awardedthe Commonwealth Scholarship (U. K.) to read for Ph.D. at the University ofCambridge, Cambridge (1993- 1997).

Awarded theOverseas Development Scholarship to read for M. Phil at the University ofCambridge, Cambridge (1997- 1998).



Fellowof the Cambridge Commonwealth Society, Cambridge



Public Service / University Service / Consulting Activity

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal, Modern Asian Studies, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Deputy Director, Centre for Women’s Studies, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh

University of Delhi’s Representative on the Governing Body of the following Colleges in Delhi: S.G.T.B. Khalsa College (since 27 September 2008) and Rajdhani College (since 05 October 2008).

Nominated Member of the Academic Council of Jamia Millia Islamia (New Delhi), since 25 March 2009


‘Presentingthe Self: Norms and Emotions in Ardhakathanaka’, in Vijaya Ramaswamy and YogeshSharma (eds.), Biography as History (New Delhi: Orient, 2009), 105-122

‘TheMughal Port Cities of Surat and Hugli’, in Lakshmi Subramanian (ed.), Ports,Towns and Cities: A Historical Tour of the Indian Littoral (Mumbai: MargPublications, 2008), 78-93.

‘Religionin the History of 1857’, in Shireen Moosvi (ed.), Facets of the Great Revolt:1857 (New Delhi: Tulika Books, 2008), 135-142.

‘TheReligious Shade of the Rebellion’, Economic and Political Weekly, Mumbai, XLII,No. 19 (May 12, 2007), 1681-82

‘Madarisand the Challenges of Modernity in Colonial India’, in Jan-Peter Hartung andHelmut Reifeld (eds.), Islamic Education, Diversity and National Identity: DiniMadaris in India Post 9/11, (New Delhi: Sage, 2006), 56-72.

‘Globalizationand Post-Modernism: Defending Foucault’s Interrogation of Modernity’, in B.N.Patnaik and S. Imtiaz Hasnain (eds.), Globalization, Language, Culture andMedia (Shimla: Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 2006), 233-246.

‘Forms ofCivility and Publicness in Pre-British India’, in Rajeev Bhargava and HelmutReifeld (eds), Civil Society, Public Sphere and Citizenship: Dialogues andPerceptions (New Delhi: Sage, 2005), 84-105.

‘Towardsa Theory of Social Communication in Pre-colonial India’, Proceedings of theIndian History Congress, 63 session, Annamalai, 2002 (Kolkata, 2003), 396-411.

‘MuslimLiberal Reform Movements in Modern South Asia: A Quest for Identity and Power’;published under the title, ‘The Quest for Identity’, in Zubeida Mustafa (ed.),The South Asian Century (Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2001), 79-88.

iscella�#spH �! /span> 

‘SecondThoughts on Aakrosh’, Mainstream,  1981.

‘Forestry:Behind the Conservation Talk’, Link, 18 July 1982, pp.19-22.

‘E. H.Carr: The Soviet “Connection” of Bourgeois Historiography’, Link, 28 Novemberl982.

‘How thecity devours its children’, Mainstream, 14 February 1998, pp.23-26 (publishedsimultaneously in Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XXXIII, No. 7, 14February 1998, pp.328-30).

‘500Years of Vasco da Gama’, New Age, 16 August 1998.

‘InDefence of Teaching Greco-Roman History’, Mainstream, 26 February 2000,pp.17-20.

‘RememberingDr Saifuddin Kitchlew’, Mainstream (Independence Day Special), 19 August 2000,pp.37-42.

‘Clashof Stereotypes’, The Hindustan Times, 30 October 2001, editorial page.

‘DissectingNCERT’s New Social Science Textbooks’, Mainstream, 23 November 2002, pp.7-10.

‘End ofHistory’, The Hindustan Times, 3 January 2003, editorial page.

‘AnotherTiger in the Cross-hairs’, The Indian Express, 3 October 2006, op-ed.



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