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kathak Dance

About the Artist:
Of the select band of Indian dancers, who have made an indelible impression in the very first appearance on the concert stage, are internationally renowned Kathak Duo - Nalini Kamalini, the devoted disciples of Kathak Maestro, Guru Jitendra Maharaj of Varanasi Gharana, the trend-setter of temple style of Kathak dancing.The sisters are blessed with rare artistic qualities of natural expression, grace, sweetness, clarity and perfection and known for their refined sensibilities and subtlety. Their style pleases both the aesthete and purist; it is marked with an elegant ease and sensuousness borne out of a complete understanding of the form.The liberated Nalini and Kamalini move out unobtrusively into the open spaces of the soul. Their performances are, therefore, not mere recitals but are veritable banquets of the soul. Art connoisseurs acknowledge them as celestial dancing nymphs. The stage presence of the two sisters is striking their emotiveness deep and pure, their artistry specially their footwork immaculate. The close similarity in their physical appearance heightens the fluidity of the presentation leading to an overall mesmeric effect of visual continuity on the stage.Well versed in the allied arts of music and literature, the duos are as esteemed throughout India as they are abroad. Often they are invited to present this traditional form before visiting dignitaries in the Parliament, Rashtrapati Bhawan and have participated in several National and International festivals of repute in various parts of the world viz. UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Norway and Middle East. In the most challenging atmosphere of mixed race of students, the duo conducted lecture-cum-demonstrations in various leading Universities/Academic Institutions of the world for cultural awareness among the youth. Lectures in Oxford, Cambridge, Lei den, Manchester University, London School of Economics were of great success. They have been decorated with various awards. they have set world record dancing at the height of 18,000ft at Kailash Mansarovar in the year 2003.Their cultural voyage is still under way.

Awards and Recognitions:

Nritya Shiromani Sur Singar Samsad-Bombay Kalashree Vandana Arts-Delhi Nritya Praveen Abhinav Kala Parishad-Bhopal Nritya Sarang Kala Ranjani-Madras Special President Award The President Shri R Venkataraman-Delhi Mahakal Samman Mahila Shiromani Indira Priyadarshini Excellence Award for Dance Best dancers of the Millennium Natya commendation Award Sangeet Natak Academy Award’04 Life Time Achievement Award’04 Best DancerAward’05 Films Media Award’05 Doctorate was conferred Madhuban-Ujjain Bharat Nirman-Delhi Shiromani institute-Delhi AICC – Delhi T.P.JhunJhunwala Foundation Sindhi Association, Indore Sangam Kala Group, Delhi Lucknow Indian Association Of America-CA ZEE Channel U.P.Films Association, Meerut. Rohilkhand University.

Teaching Experience:

We conduct lecture cum demonstration in the academic institutions our subjects are 1.relation of dance with yoga 2. Therapeutic value of dance 3.personality development.4. voyage of kathak We are associated with Sangeetika Institute of performing Arts its east delhi branch is in 23-X, Karkardooma Institutional Area and south delhi branch is in R.K.Puram.

Institutions Involved in:

With a broad vision to popularize indigenous values through the medium of music & dance Kathak Maestro Guru Jitendra Maharaj Ji founded Sangeetka A non-profitable cultural organization, established in Feb 1975 under the society registration Act XXI of 1860.Mission is to work for the realization of cultural rights in India through promotion and support of the arts. • We hold lecture Demonstration/ workshops for the students around the globe, throughout the year. Subjects like relation of Dance with Yoga, • Give scholarship to the under privileged – talented students, and present them at the common plat form along with the established artists. • We welcome and encourage new choreographers and expose their thematic Compositions regarding, social message, social- cultural awareness etc.we have a wing for Spastic and physically handicapped students BAISAKHI and there they are taught music- dance, this is the best way to cure them biologically and Psychologically. • Sangeetka would also select talented and deserving disciples from all over the country and from all section of the society without any discrimination of cast co lour and creed. Learning will not merely be the acquisition of skills but would be inextricably interwoven into the fabric of life. The Institution is also making an effort to preserve the dying art forms and preservation of rural musical instruments.


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