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This Anand foundation website is a free resource related primarily to the living Cultural Heritage of the National Capital Region of Delhi. The information on this website has been collated over the last 11 years and has a major contributions by students from the school and colleges of Delhi , through their internships at the foundation . We seek to provide a platform for young people to freely explore the living heritage of Delhi through interactions with living exponents of Cultural expression .

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Directory : This is a live and free database of institutions and exponents based in Delhi of oral , visual , performance , folk , classical , craft , musicians , dancers , Historians , writers , painters , puppeteers , museums , cultural centers , linguists , photographers , schools , Yoga centers collected by students as well as an ongoing effort by the foundation . We invite your contributions

Articles and Publications

Kamal Sabri, an young Sarangi Player (By Madhu Sen)

Madhu Sen Interviews Kamal Sabri Khan, a young  Sarangi player. He claims his heritage from Mian Tansen, the great vocalist at the Mughal court of Akbar.

He writes, "Today the Sarangi is not restricted to Classical Indian or Indian music only. This would come as a reassuring fact that Sarangi has transcended traditional barriers and has lead many orchestra's in contemporary music winning great accolades."

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This magnificent, lavishly illustrated book by India’s most eminent and perceptive art historian, B.N. Goswamy, will open readers’ eyes to the wonders of Indian painting, and sho...

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This is an illustrated guide to over 700 color plates.

This work tries to create interest and love particularly in the young minds, the school children and the grass root workers in gardens for f...

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To a nation fed on classicalmusic, the advent of Rahul Dev Burman with h...

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Webpage for Artist in Delhi

Are you a musician, painter, poet, actor, author, vocalist, dancer, puppeteer, potter, filmmaker, photographer, or exponent of any Art form living in Delhi and NCR?

Write to us about yourself and build your own webpage completely free of charges.

Delhi this week

Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival 2016
Date : 05-02-2016
Venue : Amphitheatre, Indian Habitat Centre
Details : The Ishara International Puppet Theatre Festival has reached a new milestone as it celebrates its 14th anniversary in 2016! Attracting thousands of visitors each year, it is the most popular festival ... Read more

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Mohammed Hamid - Magician