Intangible Cultural Heritage

Jatthedaar Avatar Singh interviewed by Ankit Chadha (2008)

Jatthedaar Avataar Singh (49) is a trader in auto parts. Back in 1972, when he had just stepped into teenage, Singh with some of his friends in the neighborhood, started the celebration of Ramlila. Today, the lila has moved out of the street. The effort has grown too. It is the only Ramlila Committee in Delhi honoured with the 'Dilli Gaurav Puraskaar'. 

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Natural Heritage

Qudsia Garden by Excellent Hansda, a student of IIT, Roorkee (2017)
Excellent Hansda is a calm and collected person with a lot of curiosity and an unusual name. He was born and raised in Bareilly. He grew up seeing and fascinated by the various buildings and open spaces which forced him to study architecture. Currently, he is studying in IIT, Roorkee. Read more

Video Gallery

Chhau Dance
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Crafts and Craftsman

Mr. Moolchand, an artist in Kumhar Gram interviewed by Gargi Chanda (2016)
Gargi Chanda is an ardent design enthusiast and researcher. She is currently pursuing Masters of Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology. Working with different materials and new forms of art interests her. Folk and urban art inspires her. She is a firm supporter of handmade products. Read more

Articles and Publications

The Drama Around Rama by Ankit Chadha, a student of Hindu College, DU (2008)
One of the factors that make the Ramlilas a subject of keen interest to me is the pivotal role of the political changes that occurred in the region where I was born and brought up - the capital territory of Delhi . Read more


Beato's Delhi offers a pictorialhistory of Delhi, brought vividly to life through the visual virtuosity ofFelice A. Beato...

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This is an unusual exploration into India’s timeless civilization by an anthropologist who has devoted six years to extensive survey of the peasant potters of more than half of India. The author of t...

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The author has included over 140 species of trees here – indigenous trees as well as introduced species that have become part of the Indian landscape. The book is intended as an identification g...

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To a nation fed on classicalmusic, the advent of Rahul Dev Burman with h...

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Webpage for Artist in Delhi

Are you a musician, painter, poet, actor, author, vocalist, dancer, puppeteer, potter, filmmaker, photographer, or exponent of any Art form living in Delhi and NCR?

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Delhi this week

Operas de Falla / Two Operas by Manuel de Falla
Date : 27-04-2017
Venue : Lotus Temple
Details : Operas by Manuel de Falla, "Life is Short" & "Master Peter's Puppet Show" with stage direction by Sunit Tandon (Life is short) and Varun Narain (Master Peter's Puppet Show), and conducted by Óscar... Read more